Freemasonry is a threat to Mormonism

The Backyard Professor takes on the assertion that the Mormon church is threatened by Freemasonry.

He points out some very good points in the discussion.  It does lend itself to an assumption that Mormonism is true branch of Christianity.  I wonder how the same argument would be approached from a traditional Christian point of view.  Does Mormonism then take on the vestments of Masonry if it is not seen as a revealed truth to Joseph Smith?

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  1. Your title is misleading; Brother Kerry emphatically states that Freemasonry is NOT a threat to Mormonism, nor is Mormonism a threat to Freemasonry. I for one really appreciate the information that Brother Kerry is putting forth, I find too often a bias among the Brethren against Mormons, always the little joke here or jab there and too often the repeating of an outright falsehood or lie. Educate yourselves brethren, we are supposed to be above that.

  2. I’ll admit, the title was a hook, but the question raised was if the same interpretation could be reached from someone not a Mormon looking at the work of Smith and Mormonism? Do the same points hold true, or is his interpretation specific from that faiths position relative to Masonry?

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