Kevin Trudeau’s Brotherhood and the Global Info Network

Natural Remedies, How to Stop Pain Now, and Miracle Weight Loss Cures – snake oil comes in many shapes and sizes, and Kevin Trudeau is one of its heaven sent salesmen.

The Ridiculous Infomercial Review calls him “a leading light in the conspiracy theory community” who has joined forces with the infamous Alex Jones (you can watch Jones talk to Trudeau on the Alex Jones program).

In the 2010 infomercial appearance for his newly released book “Your Wish is Your Command”, Trudeau spoke with Skip Lindeman where he claimed his affiliation with the fraternity (or as he called it the brotherhood) and his use of the magical and mysterious Law of Attraction – aka “the Secret”.

His appearance was obviously to hawk his “Your Wish is Your Command” book which also comes with a private invitation to join a very elite society that proclaims to give you access to those members of the “brotherhood” as well as a cohort of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Freemasons, Yale University’s Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Club and many more.

No lie, the Global Information Network is a real “society” where you can join up and pay dues and squeeze brain cells with other MLM’ers and “develop your global wealth”. Oh, and according to the website you can learn and “Use the secrets from over 20 “secret societies” – just in case you didn’t already know ’em.

John Stossel spent some time on ABC’s 20/20 debunking the guy in a slew of Q&A’s from various sources, to which Stossel suggests in conclusion that Trudeau is a liar and a charlatan – that he “prey’s on those who are sick and dying.”  And the evidence seemed to be pretty conclusive in the 8 minutes it was playing.

Mark Dice, author of Illuminati: Facts & Fiction says he likes the guy, but questions the “Secret Work” in his new book.  Dice asks us to consider Trudeau as another fraud for his Illuminati membership.

He has about 8 Federal legal proceedings against him for claims against his products and contempt’s of court (not to mention credit card fraud). And almost as many books from Weight Loss Cures to Debt Cures with a slew of infomercials in between – if you can trust the Wikipedia page on Trudeau.

Quack Watch has about 26 entries in 13 documents about Trudeau detailing some of his claims and run ins with the law.

Have you ever run across Trudeau or any of his products? What stories do you have?

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  1. Maybe they are comedians. Or fasinated with our craft other than that . They are walking a thin line with fate

  2. I have several close friends who are involved in the GIN organization for the last 6 months. I respect their opinion deeply as they are successful in all areas of their life especially money. They have also participated in GIN’s cruise ship events and expressed great value in attending, especially creating new business contacts. I believe the vision of GIN is noble in its pursuit to bring successful individuals together who want to continue to evolve their level of thinking and synergize with other like minds. If Kevin T can bring people like this together, to seek a higher desire for knowledge, then he deserves monetary compensation in proportion to his service to mankind. Any person joining GIN should be 100% responsible for their results and at cause for what they want to get out of the membership. I imagine GIN can serve as a catalyst and vehicle but in the end one should recognize they create the result. I will be joining one of my trusted friends to attend a GIN event and happy to provide an update afterward. My two cents.

    California No. 1

  3. I am glad to say i am affiliate of the GIN network and i am working on my membership but about Mr. Trudeau i do not see anything that is wrong i do see myself becoming a better person and growing and also Moving Forward.

  4. I had a friend introduce me to the GIN content. I have also,worked,for some of the leading success coaches in the country.

    I question all of KTs statements about the fraternity, that somehow specific brothers are privy to some special knowledge that makes them rich is hogwash.

    ALL of the content from KT is lifted from other places and there is nothing new or revolutionary in his content. KT takes hours to say what could be presented in s few minutes. He loves to hear himself talk.

    He claims all the great success coaches like Tony Robbins are liars and goes on to lift their material and present it as if is his own or taught to him by “the brotherhood.”

    I have wealthy mentors that teach me many things that are not well known, but those things are not secrets. I can teach you how the wealthy hide their money, purchase things without money or leverage assets that common people cannot. Just because few people know how to do something does not mean the information is locked in Area 51 guarded by aliens.

    I flew through the lengthy tests on the GIN web site because I have spent 40 years reading the top success books; all of which he has copied. Nothing KT talks about is new or mysterious.

    I have a client that pays for my membership or I would not have joined GIN. You are better off spending your $150/mo. on books by the real experts and not KT regurgitating them for you through his long, boring, windy audio series.

    I see nothing evil in his content, just very little truth in his commentary on Freemasonry. I know poor 33rd degree Masons, so either they missed the secrets to massive wealth or Freemasonry and the craft are not about getting rich or selling things via infomercials that are flat out lies to make money.

    Carl Hartman, PM

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