Building Boaz – Author John Nagy on Masonic Central

Building Boaz by Doctor John Nagy

Building Boaz by Doctor John Nagy

Join us on Masonic Central this Sunday as we meet and talk to Brother John Nagy who is the author of the new book “Building Boaz – Uncommon Catechism for Uncommon Masonic Education.”

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Once you start something, what do you do next?  You take the next step of course but as with any journey into the unknown (or the unexplained) the question is where that next step should land.  “Building Boaz” is the exactly where the next step in becoming a Mason should take you.  In his New book Br. John Nagy sets out to help the reader find the means to answer A few of the touch points in this paths first step is the idea of Threshing to masonry, the flanked circle, the Broached Ladder, and the Chamber of Reflection.

Join us as we talk to author and past guest  Br. John Nagy about his book, Masonic education, and this 2nd step in this non-fiction series in this hour long program on Masonic Central Sunday, October 25th starting at 6pm PDT / 9pm EST. We encourage your questions and comments to the show by calling (347) 677-0936 during the program. The show goes live promptly at the hour.

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