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In this episode, originally recorded on November 23, 2008, Greg and Dean are joined by the esteemed Masonic author, Chris Hodapp.

The author of many books on Freemasonry, most notably  Freemasons For Dummies and Solomon’s Builders, Chris Hodapp is one the strongest voices for American Freemasonry today.

Chris joined us on Masonic Central to talk about Freemasonry, his work as an author. In the episode, Chris noted that he didn’t come from a long line of masons, instead coming to the fraternity after attending a masonic funeral. Initiated through a one-day class, Chris swiftly joined the ranks of the fraternity climbing out of necessity into lodge leadership and into a stratospheric career in the craft.

In our conversation we dig into the success (and failures) of one-day classes and what they meant to the fraternity at the time. His story, much like the man himself, is a dynamic one.

Chris Hodapp has been a tireless soldier for the fraternity in print, as well as in his blog Freemasons for Dummies, and in lodge as one of the founders of the one of the early Traditional Observance Lodges, Lodge Vitruvian. Back then, Chris also took up the mantle of the editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Masonic Society the flagship publication of the, then new, Masonic Society. Chris has made great strides in making Freemasonry accessible to an increasingly curious public.

Masonic author Chris Hodapp.
Chris Hodapp

One area we dig into is his work with the Knights of the North and their answers to Dwight Smith’s questions on the future of the fraternity: Laudable Pursuit: A 21st Century Response to Dwight Smith. That work sought to provide answers to many of the challenges facing Freemasonry in 2008 the effects of which we see in the fraternity today.

Some of the points we hit in this conversation include:

  • Advertising Freemasonry
  • Which members are being lost (hint, hint, it’s demits and NPDs)
  • Origin of the Freemasons for Dummies book
  • The Dan Brown conspiracy craze (before Q-Anon, of course)
  • and, the founding of the Masonic Society

Chris was a great guest and this was a fun show to host and go back and listen to. You can find more from Chris on his website: Freemasons for Dummies blog.

Masonic works by Chris Hodapp:

  • Solomon’s Builders: Freemasons, Founding Fathers and the Secrets of Washington D.C.
  • Heritage Endures: Perspectives on 200 Years Of Indiana Freemasonry
  • Deciphering the Lost Symbol: Freemasons, Myths and the Mysteries of Washington, D.C.
  • The Templar Code For Dummies
  • Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies For Dummies

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  1. Saying that contemporary Freemasonry TV ads are justifiable because it was the same kind of promotion when the fraternity built the tallest skyscraper in the 1900’s is, in my opinion, totally false. TV ads go against the spirit of Freemasonry. Leading by example in quite dignity should be our style. Admittedly, building the tallest skyscraper was not exactly quiet but it doesn’t compare to a TV commercial. Yes, the fraternity should cultivate an attractive public image but TV ads strip the mysteriousness away. Let’s revive parades and cornerstone laying instead.

    Either way, enjoyed the show brethren!


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