The Gift of Irish Freemasonry from WEOFM

The latest video in the 2011 Worldwide Exemplification of Freemasonry is up at the website, which is titled The Gift of Irish Freemasonry.

The video is presented by the Right Worshipful Brother Bob Bashford, PM, Past Grand Master Standard Bearer, Provincial Grand Librarian, and Editor of the Irish Lodge of Research, under the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

The Gift of Irish Freemasonry from WEOFM on Vimeo.

Presentation by Bob Bashford, PM 1-8-11

The video explores the development of the Irish Masonic constitution and its role in history and its development from early Roman era builders to more modern times.

The Grand Lodge of Ireland is thought to be the second oldest Grand Lodge of Freemasonry in the world, dating to its founding in 1725 when the 1st Earl of Rosse, Richard Parsons, who was installed as Grand Master.  The Grand Lodge has jurisdiction over 13 provincial Grand Lodges and 12 outside of the territory including Grand Lodges in Bermuda, Ghana, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe.

The audio is on the low side, so you may want to turn up your speakers.

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