Is Freemasonry Behind Flat Earth Theory?

This article is one in a series exploring some of the ‘iconic’ notions of Masonic conspiracy theories.

As a Mason, there’s nothing better than a plausible conspiracy theory. However, one that makes even less sense now than it did a few centuries ago. This conspiracy says that the Earth is flat as a pancake and, for the really dark and mysterious, that it’s been one of the many attempts made by Freemasons to stifle intellectual progress and ignore scientific proof that says otherwise. So, with this in mind, let’s explore the conspiracy that says the Freemasons are behind Flat Earth Theory.

The Flying Pancake

Freemasons cooked this one up some time ago. The argument is that, since the Earth is flat, the place we call home is in fact the shape of an average pancake. If you were to fling that pancake across a room, you would be closely replicating the orbit of the Flat Earth which would account for tidal action and all kinds of weird tilting activity on the planet.

A flying flat earth pancake would certainly help to explain why rain and snow sometimes comes down sideways as opposed to straight down.


The Ice Edge

Thanks to the wonderful minds of the wizards of Freemasonry (or is that magicians?), they claim that there is a reason why all of the water in the oceans don’t suddenly fall off the edge of the Flat Earth pancake. That’s because the edge of that pancake is encrusted with ice. The ice is so thick. In fact, that nothing can pass through it and slip off the edges. In other words, the Earth is more or less similar to a raised crust pizza. Just like the thick crust of a pizza keeps your toppings from slopping elsewhere, the crusty ice edge contains all the things on the planet.

The Solar System

By the way, wouldn’t you think that if the Flat Earth Pancake/Rising Crust Pizza was spinning through the air that it would eventually smack into another flat planet going the other direction? Well, the Freemasons have thought of an answer for that. Simply, there is no solar system.

We are the only pancake/pizza planet floating, or spinning, through the universe. In fact, we really aren’t spinning, rather we are, more or less, hovering around a section of space that is just big enough for our flat planet to exist in.

Did Hieronymus Bosch know know something about the Flat Earth when he painted The Garden of Earthly Delights tryptic exterior?

Hollywood Science Fiction Is Fake

Spoiler Alert! Movies produced in Hollywood that hint at anything related to life outside of the tiny atmosphere our flat pancake/rising crust Earth is hovering inside is straight up bunk. We know this because Freemasons created the sci-fi genre to entertain the masses and to make us all feel insignificant in a ginormous universe that does not exist outside of the imagination of Hollywood. The same goes for the small screen, too. Star Trek is a fine example. Why was it that each ‘foreign’ land that the Enterprise explored had gravity, people who resembled humans — most of whom could speak and understand English and oddly enough looked like an Earth landscape? Simple. Because none of it is real.

NASA is in On It

It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see through this one (pun intended). All the work put into creating the fake solar system and the equally fake landings on the Moon and other space exploration is part of the façade.

If the Earth is like a pancake, why do we see pictures and video of other planets that don’t look like our flat one? That’s because the top astronauts and scientific officials at NASA are all deeply involved in Freemasonry. Their goal is to keep us thinking that there is more out there and, by giving us round looking objects to gaze at with wonder, we grow to appreciate our flat pancake we call home just a bit more. Don’t even get me started on the fake Space Shuttle.


Flat Earth Has a Meaning

The word ‘flat’ has a secret meaning to Freemasons.

It’s sort of a secret code word, you know, part of the ever-growing list of secrets that include special handshakes, phrases, riddles, symbols and games used to identify one Freemason from another. F.L.A.T. stands for “Freemasons Live Above the Rest of You.” Admittedly, Freemasons are supposed to be brilliant but Mensa intelligence may not be part of that package. Otherwise the statement would really read F.L.A.T.R.O.Y.


Freemasons Have Infiltrated the School System

One place where Freemasonry has gained its best foothold is in the education system. With a particular focus on Earth Sciences, have you ever wondered why maps of the world are flat? That’s not because it makes them easier to draw on. It’s because Masonic teachers in your educational past were slowly planting the seeds of doubt into your young and impressionable minds. Sure, there were globes present in the classroom, but that was just to satisfy the non-believers. Take a look at any published atlas, road map or tourist street map — They’re all flat.


Sure, if you can ever figure out how to fold them back up you may sense why flat maps work so well in keeping the theory alive.

The Flat Earth – Theory or Reality?

Well, there you have it. The flying pancake/rising crust pizza of a planet of ours could very well be flat. We’re just not all that interested in racing off to the ice edge to find out for sure. So, we’ll just accept the things we have learned and dream about the possibility that Freemasonry has screwed it up from the start in an attempt to dumb us down and take over the world. The entire flat world. We can’t really explain sideways snow or rain nor can we say for sure whether there are other planets as flat or round as we’ve seen pictures because we really only have pictures and video to go by. CGI may have been invented by Freemasons in order to solidify the Flat Earth Theory. We’d like to think of our planet as a round marble spinning around other, brighter space marbles but the pizza analogy keeps grabbing our attention. Especially the rising crust part. Maybe Freemasons cooked that up idea to distract us with a tasty food example to keep us off their trail.

Are Freemasons behind The Flat Earth Theory?

To say there is a Flat Earth Theory to begin with is an absurd enough notion. To suggest the Freemasons are behind the Flat Earth takes things down that conspiratorial rabbit hole of suspended belief in reality. The earth isn’t flat. Freemasonry isn’t hiding that it is. Freemasons celebrate the round globe atop one of its pillars when entering the masonic lodge (something the ancient world did, too) and utilize the compass (or dividers) as one of its key symbols. If you think the earth is flat, you probably need to get off the internet and spend some time in a text book.


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A devoted student of the Western Mystery Traditions, Greg is a firm believer in the Masonic connections to the Hermetic traditions of antiquity, its evolution through the ages and into its present configuration as the antecedent to all contemporary esoteric and occult traditions. He is a self-called searcher for that which was lost, a Hermetic Hermit and a believer in “that which is above is so too below.” Read more about Greg Stewart.


  1. what claptrap, dont criticise what you can’t understand. Earth is certainly stationary and flat also no measurable curvature, water always finding a flat level, on and on the proof goes and the attempt to avoid dealing with your indoctrination into the occult ‘Heliocentrism’ is to make it look ridiculous. The spinning ball is THE most ridiculous theory and this does nothing but make you look ignorant while many of us wake up. Every argument here is a strawman, for someone claiming to learn about mystery traditions you are in such denial here it’s not funny, wake up just a bit.

  2. Mark says to not criticize what you do not understand. So you had better listen! Far be it from us, mere mortals, to question your ‘certainty.’

    To anyone out there that wants to see beyond this pathetic notion that God made a personal-pan, ice-crust pizza disc for us to inhabit and have all the cosmos circle us alone, please do. Please see this psuedo-science, Christian fundamentalist malarkey for what it is and seek to make the world a less frightened and small-minded place as it is today. The one’s who tell you to beware of those who say the world is a sphere, are the very ones you should be wary of. There’s never been a more obvious psy-op in history. I will admit it is a bold and interesting experiment on humankind to see how vulnerable we are when it comes to ‘belief’ but I still find it sick and manipulative. There are powers behind the flat-earth movement that feel they are making a point by having people buy into this. There is plenty of cold hard facts in science that dispel what Mark has mentioned here, but you’d do better not to engage in those who put belief before empirical research. There’s plenty parlor tricks and card-stacking of facts that charlatans pushing the flat-earth agenda will put forth to wow the feeble-minded. If, in your heart, you seek knowledge and truth, your scholarly endeavors will not fail you.

    Its clear I disagree with the above poster. That’s fine. I, however, will not try and steer you away from criticizing what you do not understand. I believe you MUST criticize that which you do not understand. By all means, be critical in your thinking and let the evidence take you to where it leads you, unswayed by what results you may ‘want’ to see. Much love to all. May we one day see the world together as one, not afraid of the shadows we cast upon the cavern walls.

  3. Nah, come on you guys, or should I say “wizards” or “magicians” as you like to title yourselves. You’re behind it all. You lie and twist the truth, just like your father the devil. You propagate lies in order to draw the masses away from the glorious gospel of Christ. How can you live with all of this? Your “angel-buddies” are not your friends and will secure you an extra hot spot in hell.

  4. It’s a weapon used a lot in infowars. It has two parts.

    Phase-1. Inject FE theory to uncensored forums where inconvenient truths are being spread about other, genuine conspiracies.
    Phase-2. Ridicule that targeted movement or people who speak about unwanted things as Flat Earthers in MSM.

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