Enough is to much in the Virginia Shrine…

This story slipped under the radar.  The burning taper posted on it, but sadly, someone found it distasteful and gave it a thumbs down on King Solomon’s agrigator.

But really, this raises SO many red flags and questions that it is really impossible to ignore.  My questions is how, at his first arrest was he allowed to remain on the roles, and second, how is it he is still on them today?

What does this story make you question?

The story (now in archive): Former leader of Hampton Roads Shriners arrested on child porn charges

The tag:  A Shriner – known for his charitable work with children – is now accused of having a thousand graphic images and video of child porn.

Seriously, is this Freemasonry???

This came to me on Facebook, that I thought important to add…

“I did not catch the word “conviction”. I think they said the investigation started in 2007 but it sounds like it has not been to trial. I think he was probably arrested, bonded but not convicted (yet).

He violated the terms of his bond so was was arrested again (the arrest would probably have been for violation of the conditions of bond) for a bond violation.

I am sure they (the GL of Va) are waiting on a conviction for the child porn. Knowing the GM like I do he will be gone as sure as old faithful will blow again as soon as the conviction is handed down & GL gets a certified copy of the conviction in hand.”

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  1. Does Virginia have the constitutional ability to suspend the member for cause pending the outcome of the criminal trial? Many jurisdictions do. If the VA code does not allow for this they ought to consider it at their next annual meeting.

    Although while technically still on the roles in most jurisdictions when suspended, the “member” would not be eligible to conduct Masonic business. For all intents and purposes would be “off” the roles just waiting for the criminal process to come to and end, when it would become official.


  2. As long as the Shrine and the Jesters require their members to be Masons, then in the public’s eye, yes, “this is Freemasonry.”

    As long as Grand Masters parade around in their gold chains at Shrine Circuses, and participate in ROJ’s Books, yes, this is Freemasonry.

    As long as the Shrine and Freemasonry have any association at all, yes, this is Freemasonry.


  3. If a Republican is caught breaking a law does this point the finger at all Republicans. If a Democrat sleeps around does that mean all Democrats do. If a priest or minister of a religion does the unspeakable should all priests and ministers be put in jail or their religion closed. Of course not, so why does the actions of a few of the Shrine or Masons point the finger at all. Only if we allow it too. As long as we allow actions of these kinds to exist in the Fraternity whatever happens becomes the fault of all of us. Stand up and say no. Get the leaders to do their duties and remove the offenders but at the same time let us remember that this is the U.S.A. and those accused must be presumed innocent until convicted. I am not a Shriner but I do know many good Shriners who are and by the way they were Masons before joining the Shrine and many are still active Masons. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

  4. Lee:
    If a Republican is caught stealing, while in office, and the Republicans do nothing, don’t rebuke him, don’t offer to kick him out of the party, do nothing [visibly], then YES it reflects on the party. Period.
    In these cases we have seen nothing publicly, no response from a GL or otherwise. On being arrested for violating bond, that is an arrest that doesn’t need a trial, thus his membership CAN BE pulled at that time. Period. So, having stated that, the question is, where is GL on this? Why aren’t they posting official responses on a blog [just simply siting Procedure on why a member loses right, not saying he is or isn’t guilty, just siting that which will make people understand, they are awaiting conviction… again, Period.]
    It is EASY to say “Arrested for … KICK HIM OUT.” And I know if I were arrested I certainly would want my Lodge to abandon me and let me twist in the wind, I mean isn’t that what brotherhood is about, isn’t that what Freemasonry is about? Remember our core values, remember our core actions, remember what it means to be a Freemason. That is the core [for now] of the Shrine, that is the core of this Brother, we should be sending support to the GL letting them know that we understand they may be facing harsh criticism, but that we understand they are supporting a Brother until he is proven to have abandoned us through a crime.

    Just my penny’s worth.


  5. [Crow eating begins here, republican comment not with standing.]
    This is exactly why I should read the core article first, I jumped to a conclusion, as I had assumed others had done. [grin]. I was thinking of the Jester incident with this one, and assumed the facts on this one, assumed they equaled the inital reports of the other, no guilt found … I was wrong.

    In this case:
    “Highsmith admitted to having not one, but two memberships to an online child porn site.” … and … “When he didn’t show up for a court hearing, he was re-arrested, and investigators found his new stash of kiddie porn on his computer.”

    [trying imho, to go for a mental plea]

    Sorry for not reading first. I hope The GL is waiting for a Masonic Trial, but it would seem to be an instant ‘Out’.

    [finishes his plate of Crow]


  6. This is very unfortunate, but as the other brothers have stated, he is not all Freemasons. There is a bad apple in every bunch…But he definitely needs to be removed from all Shrine as well as Masonic functions, no doubt.

  7. Seems to me that since Shriners members to be Master Masons; his home lodge should suspend till conviction. Or better yet, based on evidence available, dismiss him as quickly as possible.

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