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What Other Fraternities Can Teach Freemasonry

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What can other fraternities teach Freemasonry?

Can an old dog learn new tricks?

Freemasons have always been proud to boast, “We’re the original fraternity,” an acknowledgement of our roots in antiquity. Since then, many other fraternities have emerged, particularly in the nineteenth century, many of which are based on Masonic customs. Aside from college fraternities, there are the Eagles, the Elks, the Lions, the Moose, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), even the VFW shows signs of fraternal relations. These organizations may appear to be relative “upstarts” when compared to our ancient fraternity, but can they teach us anything?

As in many North America jurisdictions, Florida Freemasons are barred from enjoying alcohol in the Lodge as well as games of chance. Whenever such topics arise at a Grand Communications, the proposer is shouted down and admonished in a derogatory manner, “Why don’t you go and join someone else?” Well, I finally did just that, joined another fraternal order who allowed alcohol and games of chance in the Lodge. The identity of this particular order is immaterial for the purposes of this paper, and I suspect most are pretty much the same. I certainly haven’t turned my back on Freemasonry, but after over twenty years of watching repetition, I felt it was time to relax and enjoy the company of others over a quiet drink.

I joined the new “Order” recently as they had built a new lodge building near me and I was warmly received by the members when I requested information. As I first toured the facilities, I noted their clean and well stocked bar offering a wide variety of drinks and twelve taps for various draught beers. There were also some vending games of chance available if a member was so inclined. When I saw this, I thought back to a time when Masons argued over the virtues of alcohol and games in Lodge and why there was a concerted effort to prohibit it. Personally, I suspected the Shrine didn’t want the Craft Lodges to have it as it would represent a competitor to their venue. Nevertheless…

I found the Order’s dues and initiation fees to be affordable, much more so than any Masonic Lodge in my area. This was likely due to the revenues generated from alcohol, games, and renting of facilities. In other words, membership in the Order was not a financial burden as found in many Masonic Lodges today.

The application process and initiation ceremony were highly compatible to that found in Freemasonry. This led me to suspect such orders are based on Freemasonry as the comparisons were uncanny. For example, on the Order’s application, they claimed to be looking for men (and women) of good moral character; you couldn’t join unless you believed in the existence of a Supreme Being, were of 21 years of age or older, not connected in any way to the Communist Party, did not believe in or advocate the overthrow of the government of this country by force or violence, nor was a convicted felon or registered sex offender. A criminal background check is performed on each candidate, who is also investigated by committee. Sound familiar?

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The Order also donates millions of dollars to charity, a living community village (Home) is available for seniors, all of which are also familiar to Freemasons. Beyond this though, the Order offers discounts on insurance, travel, office supplies, and more. In other words, membership has its privileges. The Order is open to both men and women, which would be alarming to most Masons, and there are no racial restrictions; e.g., no “Prince” Orders.

The first year’s membership is free for members of the military, law enforcement, and first responders, both current and retired (veterans). I thought this was a brilliant maneuver as it encourages membership and attracts the type of people they want to join their ranks. Freemasonry would be wise to study this further.

In meetings, the Order has jewels for the officers to wear. There are also do-guards and signs to observe. The obligation (oath) is reminiscent of that offered by Freemasonry along with a brief lecture to explain member responsibilities. Interestingly, I observed our initiation could be viewed by the outside world through the windows in the room. So much for being a “secret” society.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the Order and Freemasonry resides in its Constitution, a copy of which is provided to members following initiation. Whereas Freemasonry is managed on a state by state basis (or by province or territory in Canada), the Order is run on an international basis from a single headquarters. This simplifies standards and promotes consistency between Lodges. It also means the government of the Order is flatter and more flexible to implement change.

Grand Masonic Lodges were first established in the early 1700’s, way before the advent of the U.S. Constitution. Consequently, the government of the fraternity is essentially based on the monarchy model. However, as these other orders were introduced in the United States during the late 1800’s, they tend to adhere to the concept of three separate but equal branches of government; e.g., executive, legislative, and judicial. Such an approach prohibits one person from having ultimate authority in interpreting the laws, rules and regulations which may vary depending on who is in office. It also causes a legislative body to be formed from the current and past presidents of the Orders.


I am certainly not suggesting one fraternal group is better than another; each has its own distinct set of interests and method of implementation. However, one could certainly learn from the others. For example, what the Order lacks in terms of decorum, they make up for in socialization. Conversely, what Freemasons lack in socialization, they make up for in decorum. Freemasons possess a stronger sense of history, and attention to detail in its ceremonies, thereby attempting to teach character, e.g., morality, love of God and country, honor, sacrifice, etc. By doing so they are trying to assist their members in the building of character. The other orders are much less formal, but still endeavor to promote character and Brotherhood through the help and society of others.

In contrast, the Order has been successful in:

  • Generating money from alcoholic libations with no adverse effects (swearing, fighting and intemperance are not tolerated and may result in penalties or suspensions for members). Further, rooms can be rented for parties and special events.
  • Negotiating benefits for its members, such as providing discounts on insurance, travel, office supplies, etc.
  • attracting new members with the type of character they desire, both men and women.

One could argue Freemasonry has slowly been evolving from a true fraternity to just another men’s club. They may be more solemn in their ceremonies, but surely they are not naive to believe they have a monopoly on the concept of brotherhood.

When I recently joined the Order, my initiation class consisted of 22 people, including both men and women, which is more than double what a single Masonic Lodge in my area may get in a single year. Two weeks earlier, another 22 people were initiated, and 60 people joined in December. Not surprising, the Order is financially sound, their activities are booming, their future looks rosy, and everyone appears to be happy.

Freemasonry is missing the boat if they dismiss the other orders out of hand. They are gaining in stature while the Masons are declining. I am not suggesting the Masons totally abdicate their current mission, but there is no denying their membership has been diminishing at an alarming rate. Something needs to change before the Lodges close their doors permanently. Perhaps a new hybrid organization needs to be conceived, whereby alcohol and games of chance are allowed following a meeting or degree, that the Grand Lodge seeks supplemental benefits for its membership, or that they also try to attract the right types of people to their organization. If the other orders can do it, why not the Masons?

Freemasonry may be much older, but these younger fraternities have grown up and appear to be prospering. What do they know that we do not? I for one, am not too shy to ask. In the meantime, more people are gravitating to these new orders while turning their backs on Freemasonry. Perhaps this is a sign of our changing social values. Let us not close our eyes, ears, and mouths and hope nobody notices. It’s much too late for that.

Keep the Faith!

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MEGA Brands partners with Shriners Hospitals for Children Canada

Exceptional Care OdysseyMEGA Brands has pledged to donate $500,000 for new Shriners hospital while launching a limited edition Mega Bloks® Fundraising Toy.

Montreal – June 6, 2014 – MEGA Brands Inc., a member of the Mattel family of companies (NASDAQ: MAT), announced the start of a new partnership with Shriners Hospitals for Children® – Canada. The toy maker has pledged $500,000 to the hospital’s Exceptional Care for Exceptional Kids campaign and will launch a custom-made and limited edition Mega Bloks™ First Builders Block Buddy fundraising toy at today’s International Shriners Day celebration in Ottawa.

Additionally, MEGA Brands will provide Mega Bloks toys and decorations for the new hospital’s Child Life playroom. Located in Montreal, construction of the new Shriners Hospital for Children began in spring of 2013, and is expected to be complete in 2015.

In order to help drive donations to the Exceptional Care for Kids campaign, MEGA Brands has designed a Shriners-inspired Block Buddy to add to the Mega Bloks First Builders line. Called “Loveable Lucas,” the Limited Edition Block Buddy can be purchased at select Shriners Temples, at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Canada in Montreal or online at

“Shriners Hospitals for Children -Canada does a remarkable job of providing exceptional care and services to children and their loved ones in communities across Canada,” said Bisma Ansari, vice president of marketing, MEGA Brands Inc. “Our team was thrilled to bring to life a brand-new Shriners-inspired toy, and we can’t wait to help create the hospital’s Child Life playroom. MEGA Brands could not be happier to join forces with this outstanding institution.”

To commemorate International Shriners Day, Loveable Lucas will make his debut, and be available for purchase, at the Shriners celebration in Ottawa. Today’s event will be held at Ottawa City Hall, from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., and hosted by Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and members of the Tunis Shrine Temple. The Tunis Klowns, Keystone Kops, Mini Bikes and Tunis Air Force Units will also add to the fun. Please visit for more information on the Exceptional Care Odyssey.

Jared Loughner’s occult delusion

Its been variously reported that Jared Loughner, the Arizona shooter who killed 6 people in his attempt to assassinate Arizona U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, had a sinister occult shrine in his back yard beneath a tarp.

The photos are inconclusive as to their occult implication, but it does offer a glimpse into a violent paranoid delusion that Loughner operated under. The “shrine” as its being referred to as, consists of a fake painted plastic skull nestled in a pot of blackened shriveled oranges, and a dish with what looks to be old burned out incense ash. Besides the alter on the left sits a bag of what looks to be a popular plant fertilizer. While on the right is a collection of three used tall votive candles. You can see a Sideshow with the images here.

Together, these items have been reported as collected in a make shift camouflaged tarp draped space nestled in his back yard. This collection of oddities sounds, in some respect, to be reminiscent of a Chamber of Reflection, which was brought to mainstream awareness in the Dan Brown book The Lost Symbol, when was used as a place of meditation under Washington D.C. by Masonic politicians.

In tradition, occult or otherwise, the Chamber of Reflection is a meditative space made use of to reflect on mortality and our link to the inner self. Its use in some Masonic ritual is as a space to meditate and contemplate our connection to deity, something that Loughner was said to abhor as he was a professed atheist and nihilist.

The media has been suggesting that this configuration of items is linked to “occult groups” but fails to mention what any of these ‘groups’ might be. My guess is that there is a suggestion that the shrine has some nefarious links to perhaps a Satanist group (remember the Satanic Panic of the 80’s) or some other death cult (of whom there are a few deities) – but from research, its hard to link his exact configuration to any particular occult group’s use besides it merely being a plastic skull atop a pile of moldy oranges.

Star Foster from the Pagan Blog at Patheos, agrees saying that the jumbled collection reminds her of “Only sadness. Mainly sadness because we are so prone to try to paint this murderer in shades of “the other” so we don’t have to contemplate any way he might be similar to us.”

It strikes me that if the news wasn’t so interested in latching onto the media/political implications made early on by Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik (Palin’s cross hairs, the Left wing agenda, etc) that it would of been and easy jump onto the occult implications of it simply from the presence of the shrine.

From another end of the spectrum, somehow David Icke has been thrown into the mix as a contributor to the politico-media hype, by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which seemingly opens the door for a wider examination including MKUltra Mind Control from the likes of Alex Jones who is leading the charge to say that the political rhetoric is backfiring back on to the Left-wing media finger pointing press.

Without much question, what Jared Loughner did was insane, which will likely be his defense when he goes to trial. Was it mental instability, plain just wrong headedness, mind control, or occult forces is for a jury to decide. Most likely the backyard shrine had little link to the decisions that led up to the pulling of the trigger that day – if it says anything to the tradgey of his actions at all. I doubt that anything will come of the shrine, or the mind control accusations, because ultimately Loughner was in control of his own mind and chose, no matter how darkly, what to do with it.

One thing that can be said for the shrine, if it is along the lines of a Chamber of Reflection, then Loughner failed to make proper use of it and instead perverted much the same way he did in his actions on that tragic Saturday.

All things Shrine International on Masonic Central.

The song bring out the clowns starts to ring in my head when ever I start to think about the Shrine in a large way.  Not out of any misanthropy but because of their excellent work and commitment to the happiness and well being of so many children.

To say the name of the Shrine International and instantly the image of charity, children’s hospitals, and Red Fez’s comes to mind, but behind those iconic images is an organizational powerhouse that, some suggest, drives the future of the Masonic fraternity.

Missed the Live Program?  Listen Now!

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Joining Masonic Central this week is Imperial Sir Jeff Sowder who is Imperial Outer Guard for Shriners International to talk about all things big and small as it relates to the Shrine.  Of particular interest:

  • The History of the Shrine – How it formed, why it formed, and how its original formation has evolved.
  • The Present Day Shrine International – The Hospitals, Conventions, the 1.8 million a day in Charity, The iconic Clowns, and some of the recent controversy.
  • The Future of the Hot Sands – Growth, Diversity, and Its lineage to the ancient fraternity.

So many questions have swirled about the connections of the Shrine and the blue lodge that its time to put them to task and ask them of the Shrine themselves, and Imperial Sir Jeff Sowder has graciously stepped up to explore these topics and more about the “world’s greatest philanthropy.”

You can join the live Masonic Central program on Blog Talk Radio Sunday May 2nd, at 6pm PST/9pm EST and join our live interactive chat room to send us your questions and talk about the program, or you can call in with your live questions to 347-677-0936 during the show.

It promises to be an interesting and entertaining evening to say the least and a great way to discover more about this charitable powerhouse of the Masonic family. on Blog Talk Rad

For more information on the Shrine, visit: Shrine International

To Be a Shriner Now, visit: Be A Shriner Now

Enough is to much in the Virginia Shrine…

This story slipped under the radar.  The burning taper posted on it, but sadly, someone found it distasteful and gave it a thumbs down on King Solomon’s agrigator.

But really, this raises SO many red flags and questions that it is really impossible to ignore.  My questions is how, at his first arrest was he allowed to remain on the roles, and second, how is it he is still on them today?

What does this story make you question?

The story (now in archive): Former leader of Hampton Roads Shriners arrested on child porn charges

The tag:  A Shriner – known for his charitable work with children – is now accused of having a thousand graphic images and video of child porn.

Seriously, is this Freemasonry???

This came to me on Facebook, that I thought important to add…

“I did not catch the word “conviction”. I think they said the investigation started in 2007 but it sounds like it has not been to trial. I think he was probably arrested, bonded but not convicted (yet).

He violated the terms of his bond so was was arrested again (the arrest would probably have been for violation of the conditions of bond) for a bond violation.

I am sure they (the GL of Va) are waiting on a conviction for the child porn. Knowing the GM like I do he will be gone as sure as old faithful will blow again as soon as the conviction is handed down & GL gets a certified copy of the conviction in hand.”

Britney Spears a Freemason?

Prince of Wales Albert Edward
Edward VII

What if Britney Spears became a Freemason?

I know it’s a bit of an outlandish idea, and that few would readily take it seriously, or even believe a headline like the above, but in the magical world of “what if”, imagine for a moment that just such a story were hit the media outlets to say that the performer had entered the pillared threshold of a Co-Masonic lodge and undertaken the degrees of the fraternity.

Would it really be news worthy, or would it be just an interesting tidbit of information with no real net affect to the public perception?  Would her visits to lodges be chronicled by the likes of Perez Hilton or TMZ, or would her interaction with the craft be ignored for more interesting news of the day?

On the other end of the spectrum, what would Britney possibly take away from the degrees?  Would the allegories and symbolism of the craft be taken with any degree of seriousness and austerity or would it be a just another thing to do like collecting Chihuahuas or magazine covers with her portrait on them?  I suppose the question could be distilled down to ask would she learn something from the degrees?

Red Skelton
Red Skelton

In the long run the path of this imagine doesn’t really matter, that the likelihood of her becoming a Mason are about as high as a pig sprouting wings and flying, but the exercise going through the “what if” scenario is reminiscent to me of the era of Freemasonry that courted and brought in the nobility of England in the 1700’s which at that time led it to a greater degree of credibility and public standing and thereby increased its ranks and social interest with its line of Duke’s, Earl’s, and Princes as Grand Masters. In other words, we can obviously see that the publicity helped grow the organization. Is it that celebrity factor that is missing today? And if so, then what is the measurable benefit besides an increased public awareness and acceptance that is gained by such celebrity?

John Wayne
John Wayne

Interestingly, the Shrine has tapped the fame of Justin Timberlake as their spokesman for their celebrity golf tournament in Las Vegas, but it does not suggest that he is a Masons, merely a spokesman for its event.  I wonder what the difference would be if he were to wear the apron (or fez) and it was publicized to the media at large?  Is that the credibility boost that is lacking today as the past vanguards of entertainment such as John Wayne or Red Skelton begin to eclipse to the new and younger generation?

Is it a lack of A-list celebrities in the media age of tabloid news and infotainment that has Masonry slipping back into the quiet recesses of obscurity? 

Maybe the fraternity needs a Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie (or both) to don the apron and make being a Mason cool again like it was in the era of Prince Albert Edward at the turn of the 20th Century.

But imagine if Britney took the oath, what would the face of Masonry look like then?

Special Report: The Illuminati in Freemasonry

all seeing eye

This is investigative reporter Donald P. Stoddard for Secret Society Watch.

Over the past year, I have infiltrated a Masonic Lodge in order to find out the truth about the Illuminati-Freemasonry connection. Freemasons have been denying any association with the Illuminati for years, but this reporter remained suspicious about the information surrounding the two orders.

The primary reason that I believed such a connection must exist was the fact that Freemasons had opposed such an assertion vehemently. When I met with a local Mason on the street to ask him about the Illuminati’s presence in the fraternity, he replied “I don’t even know what the Illuminati is.” A suspicious statement for a man that is suppose to keep such a connection secret. When I later petitioned a Masonic Lodge so that I might gain admittance and thus become privy to their well-kept secret, I was asked why I wanted to become a Mason. I replied, “I’m interested to see what sort of affect that the fraternity has on society, if you catch my drift.” The investigating Masons laughed and I was accepted into the lodge shortly thereafter, a clear sign that I was on the right track to discovering the presence of the Illuminati in one of America’s largest and most secret organizations.

After receiving the degrees, it was quite clear to me that the Masonic fraternity was interested in presenting allegorical lessons that required further learning in order to understand their meaning, or more correctly, become a functioning member of the Illuminati. The members of the lodge informed me that most of the United States’ presidents had been Masons. I was only aware of fourteen that had belonged to the fraternity, but several Brothers assured me that other presidents had indeed belonged. This reporter will refer to those presidents and other public officials that are not publicly known to be Freemasons, but are claimed as Brothers in the organization as “Secret Masons.” I discovered that such Secret Masons included Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Dick Cheney, and even Simon Cowell. So the Masons, or the Illuminati, weren’t only concerned about controlling the country or the world, but they were also eager to fill the airwaves with terrible pop music in order to dull the senses of the masses. Ingenious!

When I finally got around to asking the Worshipful Master of the lodge—and yes I said worshipful as in to be worshiped–if I could attend one of the Illuminati’s meetings, he informed me that I was asking the wrong person. Of course, he was correct. I had made the error of thinking that a simple Master Mason belonged to the Illuminati. It was obvious that only 32nd Degree members were allowed to attend these meetings. I quickly became a member of the Scottish Rite to earn that degree and was once again disappointed to find that I would not be admitted to the meetings of the Illuminati as a 32nd Degree Mason. It was evident that I would have to receive the 33rd Degree, which I would have to wait nearly eight years to obtain. Indeed, these Masons were no novices at running the world. It is quite smart to make sure that only the most devoted members are allowed to have their voices heard at a meeting of the Illuminati.

However, when I asked one of the 33rd Degree members if I would be able to finally find out more about the Illuminati when I reached that degree, he replied, “Well, you might find just what your looking for by becoming a Shrine Clown” and whipped out a petition. I eagerly signed it and donned my red nose and floppy shoes so that I could finally become a member of the Illuminati. So I have been tirelessly performing at the Shrine Circus in order to gain a reputation among the other clowns and be invested with membership in the Illuminati. It appears that the Masons realize that the key to global domination is to influence the inexperienced minds of America’s youth. This is certainly a conspiracy that even Dan Brown couldn’t develop.

Yes, you heard it here first folks, the Shrine Clowns are the modern day version of the Illuminati and they are aided by the help of their many fellow Secret Masons in the entertainment industry. The truth is that the vast majority of people featured on programs such as CNN’s Showbiz Tonight are fellow clowns, helping to spread the Freemasons’ gospel of a New World Order. Now, this reporter is off to what he hopes is his first Illuminati meeting where about twenty of us will be gathering to discuss our master plan in a 1990 Ford Festiva disguised inconspicuously as a circus vehicle.

Until next time, this is Investigative Reporter Donald P. Stoddard for Secret Society Watch.

The Shrine Hospitals closure hits CNN

I just happened to open CNN this morning and the story of the Shrine Hospitals is front page news.  For any Mason following the media, it isn’t the story on the Jesters, or in membership, its the very real and distressing story of the potential closure of 6 of its 22 hospitals, following the loss of $3.3 million dollars in the stock market crash.

Obviously, this will affect a large number of people in a very negative way, and no one wants to see it come to pass.

The challenge that they face, however is such that potential options include letting Shriner’s hospitals themselves accept insurance or Medicaid from those families who have it covering the co-pays and deductibles or having Shrine doctors perform major surgery at partnered hospitals, and allowing insurance to bill what it can, then cover the rest.

The challenge is losing oversight in the work performed and having to follow Federal oversight curtailing the ability to treat as they see best.

Since its earliest inception, the Shrine is still a significant contributor to the hospitals which also accepts outside contributions and donations.  Today, the Shrine     arranges and pays for the transportation of children and parents to the hospitals and donate time driving families to the hospitals and entertaining the patients.

Additionally, Shriner’s helps support the hospitals financially by paying an annual $5 hospital assessment assessed in their dues. Various temples and clubs also hold fundraisers to contribute to the hospitals.

Originally founded in 1922, it has, in the past 20 years, had more than 8,000 physicians who have received residency education or postgraduate fellowship in their facilities.  The Shrine is a adjunct unit of Freemasonry, pulling its membership from the roles of the Craft Lodges.

Given the present situation, and the continued decline in membership, It leaves me wondering if this will be the straw to break the camels back in the separation between the two fully developed organizations and allow the Shrine to further its aims.

You can read the full story “Possible closure of six free Shriners hospitals scares parents” at CNN.

Freemason Tim Bryce.

The Blue Lodge – the Bedrock of Freemasonry

The Family of Freemasonry
The Family of Freemasonry

I was smoking a cigar with a Brother the other day and we got into a lively discussion on the Blue Lodge (aka, Craft or Particular Lodge). He wondered why I was so committed to the Blue Lodge and not the other bodies of Freemasonry. Although I joined the Shrine and High 12, my participation in these bodies can be described as spotty at best. As to the Scottish Rite and York Rite, frankly, they haven’t made their case for me yet.

My friend argued, “Surely you do not believe the body of Masonic knowledge stops at the Blue Lodge door?”

Perhaps not, but I countered that the Blue Lodge is the bedrock of the fraternity. If it crumbles, so will all of the other Masonic bodies.

The Blue Lodge represents the foundation of the fraternity. All of the other Masonic bodies are built on top of it and, as such, they are totally dependent on its existence. Yet, it seems people are anxious to be raised and move on to these other bodies that are seemingly more fun and interesting. Perhaps this is because there are more rules and regulations heaped on to a Blue Lodge than the other bodies. Consequently, Blue Lodges are inhibited by their Grand Lodges, some to the point of paralysis.

Small wonder people want to move on to other bodies.

These other Masonic bodies often behave autonomously, as if they were independent of the Blue Lodge.

They’re not. They are totally dependent on it. Yet, they rarely lift a finger to help the Blue Lodge. Instead, they fly overhead like vultures waiting to pick off the new members for their own organizations. This is resulting in a growing rift between the Blue Lodge and the other bodies, a very unhealthy situation. Instead of snatching bodies, the other Masonic organizations should be looking for ways to cooperate with the Blue Lodge, such as attracting members, presenting educational programs, helping in fund-raisers, assisting in Lodge newsletters and web sites, etc. Instead of an adversarial relationship, they should be building a spirit of cooperation and trust. Unfortunately, this is not what is happening. Relations have gotten so bad that some Lodges flat-out refuse to let the other bodies in their doors.

I guess the point of all this is that we are all on the same team, but we should always be cognizant of the fact that the Blue Lodge is the bedrock of the fraternity. I like to think of it as the offensive front-line of a football team; without them, everyone else will get clobbered.

Keep the Faith.

Freemasonry From the Edge
Freemasonry From the Edge

by W:.Tim Bryce, PM, MPS
Palm Harbor, Florida, USA
A Foot Soldier for Freemasonry

NOTE: The opinions expressed in this essay are my own and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of any Grand Masonic jurisdiction or any other Masonic related body. As with all of my Masonic articles herein, please feel free to reuse them in Masonic publications or re-post them on Masonic web sites (except Florida). When doing so, please add the following:

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Royal Order of Jesters and Bizzare Sex Acts

royal order of jesters

Chris Hodapp at the blog Freemason for Dummies has posted up a pretty revealing (and scathing in its own way) analysis of the story that appeared in the Buffalo News.

You can find the ongoing news saga here:

The story is the further sentencing of brothers, who were also members of the Shrine’s Royal Order of Jesters (their website is gone, but a version exists in the wayback machine from 2011), who committed felony violation of the Mann Act, which prohibits transporting people across state lines for prostitution.

In this story, it details the expansion of the federal investigation where now other states are becoming involved as more allegations of bizarre actions of members are coming into question.  And, consequently, a 2nd group in Big Sandy, Kentucky has been suspended pending investigation.

Truth be told, this has some very dark tones to what it portends, and if true, it will denigrate the fraternity more than one isolated situation.

What is being reported in the story are:

  • Prostitutes walking around parties, wearing only panties, soliciting Jesters to meet them later in their hotel rooms.
  • “Sex contests” involving prostitutes and Jesters members, performing in front of large groups of Jesters.
  • Off-duty cops in uniform, making sure that no non-Jesters entered the rooms where activities were going on.

Brother Gary N. Martin, who is the president of the 22,000-member Royal Order of Jesters, says that he is “disturbed about the allegations”. But that, to his knowledge, such conduct is extremely isolated and never condoned by the organization.

As a brother, the allegations disturb me too, and so to does the possibility of what this will say about the moral and upright fraternity of men.

Proudly, the Royal Order of Jesters say on their home page “The Royal Order of Jesters proudly believe and participate in Masonry“.

Is this really so “extremely isolated”?  And does the activity warrant instructive tongues to correct?

Read Br. Hodapp’s piece on the article, then read the articles above.

In my opinion, I think its time for the Masonic Billiken to go, before its mirth making takes the fraternity down the drain.

For a full investigation, see Sandy Frost’s series on the Royal Order of Jesters.