The Grand Leveler

the grand levelerNot much I can say about this video, other than to comment that it seems to really come from the heart takes a serious and respectful approach to the fraternity in a very modern and contemporary way. It definitely belongs in the sphere of the Masonic nexus of the material culture.

Even if you’re not a fan of the genre of the music I think you’ll find some depth in the message.

From the YouTube Credits:

Apathy – “The Grand Leveler” produced by Smoke The World
From the album “Connecticut Casual” (June 3rd, 2014)
On Dirty Version Records
Video by Reel Wolf Productions

Special thanks to the officers and brethren of Coastal Lodge #57 in Stonington CT & Bro. Jim Johnson

Nicely done.

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A devoted student of the Western Mystery Traditions, Greg is a firm believer in the Masonic connections to the Hermetic traditions of antiquity, its evolution through the ages and into its present configuration as the antecedent to all contemporary esoteric and occult traditions. He is a self-called searcher for that which was lost, a Hermetic Hermit and a believer in “that which is above is so too below.” Read more about Greg Stewart.


  1. What was that about. I have been a mason for sixty three years. I DO NOT RELATE TO THE MESSAGE. MY MESSAGE INVOLVES GOD, COUNTRY, FAMILY AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF MASONARY. We of the craft are the blood of our country and what makes a mason a mason. These predawn of civilization chants are not associated with the music that this country is all about. God Bless America.

    Fred V. Miller Sr.

  2. I see some of you are confused about the subject matter presented here. This is going to be a long reply, so feel free to skip to the final paragraph for a summary.

    You have to understand that this is still hiphop/rap music (which is a very competitive form of music, more like wrestling than opera). True “lyrical” rappers often try to outwit their opponents with aggressive word play. Penmanship is honored over anything else, comparative to how singers are honored for their vocal skills. This aggressive (sometimes violent) choice of words is purely metaphorical, designed to be conducted in a sportsmanship-like manner. Unfortunately, there have been a list of infamous rappers who do not honor true hiphop and have let the violence spill over into physical altercations. This particular rapper, Apathy, does not appear to be one of those rappers. He has displayed respect for the culture over the years, and is simply displaying a boxing-spare style of rap for pure entertainment (but also to stand his ground and guard his rap legacy against challengers).

    To summarize, Apathy is performing traditional competitive rap, but taking a unique approach in using his Freemasonry brotherhood as a metaphor in a purely entertaining sports-style of rap.

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