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Freemason Information is an independent voice in the masonic community featuring Masonic Education, Analysis and News for Freemasons.

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Welcome to Freemason Information.

The aim of Freemason Information is to discuss, editorialize and analyze the history, growth, and future of Freemasonry. Of greatest interest is the role and relationship of the fraternity with society and the internal workings of the freemasonry itself.

Freemason Information exists to broaden the understanding of non-Masons who have an interest in the fraternity. While each Grand Lodge speaks to Freemasonry in its individual state, this site offers a broad overview of the how Masonry intersects with society.

This site is entirely independently operated and supported out of a passion for the fraternity.

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The contributors to Freemason Information include Gregory B. Stewart, Fred Milliken, Tim Bryce. We also host occasional contributions published under the Sojourners column.

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  1. August 3,2010

    I am the son of a deceased Mason and a Veteran. As of now, I have returned to college to give myself a leg up in finding a job for better pay. However, I want to know what if any financial aid is available to me?

    Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Hi i have been looking for contact details for the Amsterdam lodge. since i have found something… the meaning of me and life…from what i read so far from the masons is remarkable but belive and i can say that the knowlege is life changing for all that dont understand. and the amazing thing it is, its all around us…we just need to open our eyes…
    i would be thankfull for contact so i can take this where its meant to be.


  3. I’m looking for information on my great grandfather, Michael Peter Nolan. My mother received information back in 2000 but I need further details of his Masonic membership as I’m looking into membership of the Adelaide chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star. I know that he was a member of the St Louis lodge and I know the following:
    My great grandfather was a US Marine and he became a 32nd degree mason of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR).

    However I also need to know, in addition to the lodge name, the No and Constitution.

    I would appreciate any help on gathering this information that you can provide.

    Your sincerely

    Nicole Tunis

  4. i’m sorry for you. the most people have religion and now you want be freemason that their crowd are just 6 million in the world. freemason’s leader is devil and all his clienteles are loser in this world and in that world.

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