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From the Edge – Tim Bryce


BRYCE ON LIFE - Every job is important. I had a friend who used to be very class conscious when it came to work. He wouldn't socialize … [Read More...]


Our Legacy

BRYCE ON LIFE - Will we be remembered for tangible objects or the people we come in contact with? (Click for AUDIO VERSION) To use this … [Read More...]


From the Beehive

Paul Revere

Happy Patriots Day

Once again it is time for The Beehive’s annual Patriot’s Day message. Patriots Day is an obscure holiday celebrated in just one county – Middlesex – … [Read More...]

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Knights Templar

Baphomet – Symbols and Symbolism

In this installment of Symbols & Symbolism, we look at a reading from Albert G. Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, on the infamously nefarious figure of Baphomet – the alleged false idol of the knights Templar and one of the key instruments of their undoing by Pope Clement. More … [Read More...]

ashlar in freemasonry

The Ashlar

In this installment of Symbols & Symbolism, we look at a reading from Albert G. Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, on the Ashlar - a symbol familiar to every individual made a mason. More installments are available here under Symbols & Symbolism, and on YouTube. "Freestone as it … [Read More...]

The All Seeing Eye

The All-Seeing Eye

From Albert G. Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, this installment of Symbols & Symbolism presents his exploration of the All-Seeing Eye. Note, some links have been added as reference to the original quoted sources. Look for future installments on Symbols & Symbolism here, and on … [Read More...]

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Masonic Traveler

National Treasure

Masonic Central at the Movies

Its MOVIE TIME! Join us this Sunday for another edition of Table Talk on Masonic Central as we talk about Freemasonry in the movies. Its something that all of us as Masons like to titillate about in lodges, during meetings, and on the web, so lets take a minute and look at three films that … [Read More...]

Scouting Stamp

BSA 100 – Lessons in Organization

The Boy Scouts of America in three parts: Part I – Being a Boy Scout | Part II – Masonic Origins? | Part III – Organization Having looked at the past 100 years of the Boy Scouts, it is important to spend some time on their organization so as to put into perspective how it operates and perhaps … [Read More...]

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co masonry, mixed masonry, women, secret societies

Is CoMasonry the Antidote – Part 2

By: Carlos Antonio Martinez, Jr. Read  - Is CoMasonry the Antidote part 1 Read  - Is CoMasonry the Antidote part 3 SPECULATIVE ERA 1.  Alleged "Official Birth" in England: Symbolic or "Speculative Masonry" began to gradually develop during the XVI and XVII … [Read More...]


Mainstream Dichotomy

The ramifications of the Florida Masonic religious ban reach far beyond the borders of Florida which we will point out momentarily. But first it is worthy to note that other gross violations of Masonic conduct by Florida Brethren have existed for years without any … [Read More...]


More Masonic Purging Florida Style

We are told as Masons to avoid all sectarian religious discussion yet that is exactly what the Mainstream Grand Master of Florida Has done. In one written decision he has embroiled not only Florida Masonry, but Masons from all over the nation in a sectarian argument … [Read More...]

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Disillusionment with Freemasonry

The following was shared with me with much trepidation and concern over its reaction. Ironically, I've heard these same words from others in recent months, and it struck me that they were not isolated or merely dissident voices in the wilderness - rather that they were … [Read More...]

The Grand Lodge of the State of Arkansas

Grand Lodge Of Arkansas On The Warpath Again

The seemingly prejudicial Grand Lodge of Arkansas is at it again. Once again a Grand Lodge, this time the Grand Lodge of Arkansas, has taken steps to make Freemasonry exclusive rather than inclusive; parochial instead of universal. In past moves around the Masonic … [Read More...]



"Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have." - James Baldwin “I resign.” Those were the words of Derek Gordon in a terse certified letter to the Grand Lodge of Arkansas. No long drawn out accusations, no reprimands, no recrimination, … [Read More...]