Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Masonic Role in American History

BRYCE ON HISTORY How Masonry affected America. (Click for AUDIO VERSION) To use this segment in a Radio broadcast or Podcast, send TIM a request. I have been a Freemason for many years and I am still surprised by those people who believe the Masons have a secret agenda in terms of manipulating the country or stockpiling incredible amounts of wealth. Heck, we have trouble organizing a picnic. However, there is reasonable evidence to show Masons were involved with the founding of the country. … [Read More...]

The All Seeing Eye

The All-Seeing Eye

From Albert G. Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, this installment of Symbols & Symbolism presents his exploration of the All-Seeing Eye. Note, some links have been added as reference to the original quoted sources. Look for future installments on Symbols & Symbolism here, and on YouTube. An important symbol of the Supreme Being, borrowed by the Freemasons from the nations of antiquity. Both the Hebrews and the Egyptians appear to have derived its use from that natural … [Read More...]


Paul Revere-Sam Adams Time Capsule Unveiled   January 6, 2015 the Paul Revere-Sam Adams time capsule discovered last month was unveiled at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. According to HISTORY here is how that all went down. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and other dignitaries were on hand to witness the opening of one of the nation’s oldest time capsules yesterday evening (January 6) in the Art of the Americas wing at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA). Standing in front of a large … [Read More...]

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Masonic Role in American History

BRYCE ON HISTORY How Masonry affected America. (Click for AUDIO VERSION) To use this segment in a Radio broadcast or Podcast, send TIM a request. I have been a Freemason for many years and I am still surprised by those people who believe the Masons have a secret agenda in terms of manipulating the country or stockpiling incredible amounts of wealth. Heck, we have trouble organizing a picnic. However, there is reasonable evidence to show Masons were involved with the founding of the country. … [Read More...]

filmmaker joseph james

Joseph James – Teller of Masonic Murder Mysteries on Freemasonry and the Cinema

Joseph James is an actor and filmmaker with a long list of projects with an eye towards the fraternity. Having already produced several films with overt Masonic tones including The Masonic Map and Templar Nation, James is on the cusp of his latest release with his film The Freemason, taking us again into the mysteries upon the silver screen. In this installment of Sojourners, James gives us an insider's look at the making of his latest Masonic feature, The Freemason, replete with all the tinsel … [Read More...]

Exceptional Care Odyssey

MEGA Brands partners with Shriners Hospitals for Children Canada

MEGA Brands has pledged to donate $500,000 for new Shriners hospital while launching a limited edition Mega Bloks® Fundraising Toy. Montreal - June 6, 2014 - MEGA Brands Inc., a member of the Mattel family of companies (NASDAQ: MAT), announced the start of a new partnership with Shriners Hospitals for Children® - Canada. The toy maker has pledged $500,000 to the hospital's Exceptional Care for Exceptional Kids campaign and will launch a custom-made and limited edition Mega Bloks™ First … [Read More...]

Sights, Sounds and Words

masonic lecture, eagle, apron

More Noble than the Roman Eagle

Aquila, better known in Masonic parlance as the Roman Eagle, was considered in ancient times to be a symbol of strength, courage, and immortality. The signa militaria[i] of the Roman military under Gaius Marius (104 BC), the war standard was made of silver or bronze and served more as a holy war relic than mere militaristic emblem of the Roman Legions. Wells, in his Masonic short talk of … [Read More...]


Masonic Symbolism on the Winding Staircase

On our way to the Sanctum Sanctorum, the newly made Mason undertakes a passage through what is commonly called the Middle Chamber.  The reference into the middle way is through the temple of Solomon, and the pathway to the Holy of Holies, the adytum in which the Holy Ark of the covenant resides at the the Kodesh Hakodashim, or the place in which deity dwells.  In that journey through the middle … [Read More...]

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masonic ballot box

Ballot Reform

Based on Pennsylvania's conversions from one black ball to three black balls and the comments coming in regarding the changes that … [Read More...]

Secret Of The Masons: It's Not So Secret

NPR on the Masonic Trail

All things considered took a trip to the House of the Temple and had a good conversation with Br. Brent Morris. An … [Read More...]


Tim Bryce – Rabble-Rouser?

BRYCE ON SELF - Or someone who is passionately curious? (Click for AUDIO VERSION) To use this segment in a Radio broadcast or … [Read More...]

Masonic Videos

the grand leveler

The Grand Leveler

Not much I can say about this video, other than to comment that it seems to really come from the heart takes a serious and respectful approach to the fraternity in a very modern and contemporary way. It definitely belongs in the sphere of the Masonic nexus of the material culture. Even if you're … [Read More...]

Battle of Bunker Hill

Grand Historian Walter H. Hunt Commemorates The Battle Of Bunker Hill June 17, 1775

On June 17, 1775 some 2000+ British troops commanded by General Thomas Gage stormed Breed’s Hill where the rebels were encamped. Among subsequent charges up the hill that day Dr. Joseph Warren, Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and a Major General was slain.  This was a … [Read More...]

mozart and the magic flute

Mozart and The Magic Flute

The topic of Masonic Music came up recently in a sub reddit forum with the posting of the Grand Leveler video from up and coming artist Apathy. The gist of the discussion came down to what was art, and more particularly, what elevated Masonry in its art. In one of the exchanges, Mozart's Magic … [Read More...]

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The Bee Hive


Five Reasons NOT TO BE A Freemason & One To Be One

Awhile back Brother Rui Bandeira of Portugal asked me if he could translate my Beehive posts "I Had A Dream" and "The Last Degree" into Portuguese and post them on his Masonic Blog - A Partir Pedra. I was honored and in no time there was The Beehive in Portuguese. The moment was not lost on me … [Read More...]


More Light On The Arkansas Shriner Purge

A big factor in this whole  Arkansas Shrine affair has been overlooked by many. Potentate Buffington who was expelled from the Grand Lodge of Arkansas was not also expelled from the Shrine BECAUSE HE WAS STILL A MASON. He had dual membership also being a member of the Grand Lodge of Iowa. AND THE … [Read More...]

Hando Nahkur Plays Rachmaninoff, Piano Concerto

The Further Exploits Of Brother Hando Nahkur

Concert pianist, Brother Hando Nahkur recently won First Prize in the "2012 Algur H. Meadows" International Concerto Competition in Dallas. This was quite an honor and gave him an opportunity to perform as a soloist F.Liszt's "Totentanz" with the SMU Meadows Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Paul … [Read More...]

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Coolest set of working tools ever

Caught this off of BoingBoing yesterday. This is simply the coolest set of "Working Tools" ever. The device comes from designer Jac Zagoory, who says on his website that he's been "churning … [Read More...]

The Hour Glass, African American Freemasonry In The State Of New York

I’ve Walked With Friends

I've Walked With Friends A Masonic poem by Ezekiel M. Bey, FPS What’s a companion,  What is a Friend What’s the beginning, what is the end What is the answer, to every question What is the … [Read More...]

Leon Zeldis, FPS

England around 1717

by Leon Zeldis, FPS The foundation of the first Grand Lodge in context It is difficult to imagine the way of life of our early Masonic ancestors. It is equally difficult to understand the … [Read More...]

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Masonic Traveler

Masonic Treasure Hunting Game to Accompany Meltzer Novel

This rolled out as a press release today, and thought you might find it interesting. Freemasons and Author Brad Meltzer Launch First GPS Treasure Hunting Game to Accompany a Novel The 11 geocaches are based on Meltzer's bestseller, The The Book of Lies, and was developed together with the Masonic … [Read More...]

Jennifer Emick on Masonic Central

Listen as Masonic Central talks to the former alternative religion guide Jennifer Emick, originally recorded on August 24th, 2008 From Jennifer's bio on Jennifer has promoted religious understanding for twenty years, writing for a number of websites and periodicals. During … [Read More...]


Symbolism on the Winding Staircase – Seven the Magic Number

Missed the beginning? Read: Part 1 - Masonic Symbolism on the Winding Staircase   Part 2 - Symbolism on the Winding Staircase – 5 steps upon the stair  From the three steps to the five steps, we now stand at the landing of to the far end of the middle chamber.  On this journey we have climbed … [Read More...]

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From the Edge – Tim Bryce

The Family of Freemasonry

The Blue Lodge – the Bedrock of Freemasonry

I was smoking a cigar with a Brother the other day and we got into a lively discussion on the Blue Lodge (aka, Craft or Particular Lodge). He wondered why I was so committed to the Blue Lodge and not the other bodies of Freemasonry. Although I joined the Shrine and High 12, my participation in these … [Read More...]


Enterprising Panhandler Signs

Some of the most creative signs used by beggars. BRYCE ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP Every now and then you encounter a panhandler begging for money. This is starting to become commonplace here in Pinellas County, Florida along US-19 where beggars hold up signs at traffic intersections asking for money. The … [Read More...]


Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You

I shot out a traffic light the other day with my shotgun, one that has been giving me fits lately as I go to work. No, I didn't actually shoot it, but I have found myself fantasizing about doing so lately as I have become increasingly agitated while waiting on this particular light. In fact, I've … [Read More...]

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Videos Media


Hip Hop Freemasons

I stumbled across this by accident, but its amusing how many views and comments videos like these pick up in their linking of Hip Hop and Freemasonry. Its like the whole genre of conspiracy and secret societies has filtered down from the mass media culture of TV and movies and into the urban hip hop … [Read More...]

Brent Morris

A Timeline of High-Degree Masonry

From WEOFM Dr. S. Brent Morris, PM gives a video lecture from the WEOFM (Worldwide Exemplification of Freemasonry) series. I have a lot of respect for Br. Morris and think you will appreciate this presentation. Originally published on the WEOFM website on December 31, 2011. An interesting … [Read More...]


“Mad” Management

Some management lessons from 1961. NOTE:  This is from my consulting practice, but also has bearing on the management of a Lodge. One of the reasons AMC’s “Mad Men” television show is so popular is that it tries to authentically depict American attitudes and moods of the early 1960′s, including … [Read More...]

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Most Talked About

Georgia Flag

My Brother’s Keeper – Open Racism in Georgia Freemasonry

Now Cain said to his brother Abel, "Let's go out to the field." And while they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him. Then the LORD said to Cain, "Where is your brother Abel?" "I don't know," he replied. "Am I my brother's keeper?" The LORD said, "What have you … [Read More...]

Florida Masonic Scandal

The Other Half Of The Florida Masonic Scandal Tells All

The Beehive presents an interview with Duke Bass Fortesque. This is being presented as opinions of Fortesque and The Beehive, not as fact. Names of the Lodge and any other Florida Masons have been deliberately omitted. Freemason Information welcomes a rebuttal from either the Master of the Lodge or … [Read More...]

co masonry, mixed masonry, women, secret societies

Is CoMasonry the Antidote – Part 2

By: Carlos Antonio Martinez, Jr. Read  - Is CoMasonry the Antidote part 1 Read  - Is CoMasonry the Antidote part 3 SPECULATIVE ERA 1.  Alleged "Official Birth" in England: Symbolic or "Speculative Masonry" began to gradually develop during the XVI and XVII in Europe, particularly - … [Read More...]

Georgia Masonic Black Ball

Georgia Black Mainstream Mason Is Black Balled Again For The Second Time In His Masonic Journey

Sometimes lightening strikes twice – to the same spot. When it does you know that either God is in control or the fix is in. In the case of Gate City Lodge #2, Atlanta, Georgia it is definitely the latter. You might remember the articles The Beehive published in 2009 -   My Brother’s Keeper, Open … [Read More...]


Mainstream Grand Master Of Florida Expels Wiccans And Others

The Grand Master of Florida's decision number 3 can be found on the Grand Lodge of Florida website.  The text of the document appears, as transcribed, below. The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida Jorge L. Aladro Grand Master  Contact info omitted November 28, … [Read More...]

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