Knights Templar

Baphomet – Symbols and Symbolism

In this installment of Symbols & Symbolism, we look at a reading from Albert G. Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, on the infamously nefarious figure of Baphomet – the alleged false idol of the knights Templar and one of the key instruments of their undoing by Pope Clement. More installments of Symbols & Symbolism are available here and on YouTube. The imaginary idol, or, rather, symbol which the Knights Templars were accused of employing in their mystic rights. The … [Read More...]

ashlar in freemasonry

The Ashlar

In this installment of Symbols & Symbolism, we look at a reading from Albert G. Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, on the Ashlar - a symbol familiar to every individual made a mason. More installments are available here under Symbols & Symbolism, and on YouTube. "Freestone as it comes out of the of the quarry." - Bailey. In Speculative Masonry we adopt the ashlar in two different states, in the Apprentice's Degree. The Rough Ashlar, or stone in its rude and unpolished condition, … [Read More...]

Black Loyalist Heritage Museum, Birchtown, Nova Scotia

Reverend Brother John Marrant & Birchtown, Nova Scotia   This year I made a family vacation trip back to Nova Scotia where I summered every year as a child. We visited many historical sites while there, among them was Shelburne, Nova Scotia. When I drove down the main street of Shelburne there were British flags everywhere and the word “Loyalist” was prominently used on signs, businesses and all things written. So I was to … [Read More...]

The Frustration Factor

BRYCE ON LIFE - How we become more impatient as we enter our sixties. (Click for AUDIO VERSION) To use this segment in a Radio broadcast or Podcast, send TIM a request. My daughter came home for a visit recently. During the course of our conversations, she made the observation, “Dad, you’re not as patient as you used to be.” This caught me off guard, and in reflection, she was right. Whereas I was more tolerant years ago, now I am more black and white. At first, I dismissed the subject until … [Read More...]

tom mix freemason

Famous Freemason Tom Mix

In this series on Famous Freemasons, we delve deeper into the history of these notable individuals to explore their dynamic lives beyond the lodge room door. In this installment, we meet: Tom Mix b.Jan. 6, 1880 - d. Oct. 12, 1940 A name that many film buffs recognize, cowboys idolize, and at least for a time, the man that everyone wanted to be. Tom Mix was a circus performer, champion horseback rider, radio personality, beloved Freemason, and perhaps most known for his roles in Western … [Read More...]

Exceptional Care Odyssey

MEGA Brands partners with Shriners Hospitals for Children Canada

MEGA Brands has pledged to donate $500,000 for new Shriners hospital while launching a limited edition Mega Bloks® Fundraising Toy. Montreal - June 6, 2014 - MEGA Brands Inc., a member of the Mattel family of companies (NASDAQ: MAT), announced the start of a new partnership with Shriners Hospitals for Children® - Canada. The toy maker has pledged $500,000 to the hospital's Exceptional Care for Exceptional Kids campaign and will launch a custom-made and limited edition Mega Bloks™ First … [Read More...]

Sights, Sounds and Words

masonic lecture, eagle, apron

More Noble than the Roman Eagle

Aquila, better known in Masonic parlance as the Roman Eagle, was considered in ancient times to be a symbol of strength, courage, and immortality. The signa militaria[i] of the Roman military under Gaius Marius (104 BC), the war standard was made of silver or bronze and served more as a holy war relic than mere militaristic emblem of the Roman Legions. Wells, in his Masonic short talk of … [Read More...]

canopy of heaven

Symbolism of the First Degree

by Br. Asahel W. Gage from The Builder Magazine October 1915 - Volume I - Number 10 This jewel comes from The Builder Magazine, a masonic publication  published between 1915 and 1930, edited by Joseph Fort Newton. It was then (and likely still is) the best American Masonic periodical ever published. The work below is just one of many articles in the archives, and one that I thought … [Read More...]

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And then man said…let there be LIGHT

With the Hadron Collider as the inspiration, scientists are now looking for new linear super collider that's even bigger with … [Read More...]

Masonic Pin for Bannack Lodge

Montana 3-7-77 – How Freemasonry Tamed a Territory

Author's Note: Now for a real True Story of True Masonry. I first penned the following article in November 2003. It is an … [Read More...]


Sol Invictus

Dies Natalis Solis Invicti Sol Invictus INVENTORI LUCIS SOLI INVICTO AUGUSTO To the contriver of light, Sol Invictus Augustus … [Read More...]

Masonic Videos


The Age Old Question: Is Freemasonry A Religion?   Yes, Freemasonry Is Religion, And It’s Incompatible With Some Christian Beliefs. Here’s Why. Matt Gallagher July 21, 2014 I’ve been a Freemason for only about four years, but I’ve already done a lot of changing in my views. One view I used to have, … [Read More...]

Tim and the weeping Virgin

The Broken Column

From Albert G. Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, this installment of Symbols & Symbolism presents his exploration of the Broken Column. Note, some links have been added as reference to the original quoted sources. Look for future installments on Symbols & Symbolism here, and on … [Read More...]

Image from Wikipedia, by Greg Skidmore, taken at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. on October 7, 2011.

Mitt Romney and the Mormon Masonic Connection

I thought this would be of interest to readers, politics aside. You can catch the full documentary on Current TV (still in rotation as of the date of this publication), but for this post I wanted to explore a clip from The Mormon Candidate which speaks to the Mormon tradition of swearing "Masonic … [Read More...]

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The Bee Hive


The Besmirching Of Freemasonry’s Reputation

It has long been The Beehive’s contention that what one Mason, one Lodge, one Grand Lodge does reflects on us all. If we do what is good and righteous the perception of each of us is favorable and if we do what is immoral and vulgar the perception of us is unfavorable. But what one does reflects on … [Read More...]

George Washington

Brother George Washington’s 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation

Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor; and Whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me to "recommend to the people of the … [Read More...]

Florida Masonic Scandal

2 Down, 19,998 to go: FL Grand Master Quantifies the Purge

Corey Bryson who was forced into resigning from the Grand Lodge of Florida because of his Pagan/Deist religious beliefs has written some follow up information in the new blog he has started, Musings Of A Pagan Mason. This sheds further light on how radical fundamentalist the Grand Master of Florida … [Read More...]

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square and compass, freemasonry

The Habitation of The Grand Architect

a poem by Bro. Rev. J. Gierlow From The Masonic Mirror, October, 1872 God dwells in light! Before the ocean of unmeasured space Was islanded with stars serenely bright­ Reflecting back the … [Read More...]


The Unity of Light – a Universal Temple of Freemasonry

by Charles Lloyd Mashburn Jr. 32° Thunderbolt Lodge # 693 Thunderbolt, Georgia Preface As a young Freemason involved in my Blue Lodge and Scottish Rite of the Valley of Savannah, Georgia … [Read More...]

Bringing Sexy Back – raising money for good.

What does Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Elton John, Lady Antebellum, Leona Lewis, Selena Gomez, Freesol, T-Pain, Diddy and Dirty Money, and the ladies of Salt 'n Pepa have to do with … [Read More...]

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Masonic Traveler

Golden Dawn cross

The Golden Dawn

This is a subject I've explored on a few occasions, but upon finding these videos, I thought they could better illustrate the working of the Order. Perhaps unnecessary to say, like most religions the present day Golden Dawn comes in several styles, each practicing in a lineage from the systems … [Read More...]

History of Hermeticism

Lineage in 6 minutes.  Its not so much a deep discovery, but there are enough familliar names in here to be followed and tracked down to get a good perspective of the Hermetic philosophy. Enjoy. … [Read More...]

Who is Martin Faulks?

This is a brief video from a U.K. television program in which tonights guest took part in. Interesting stuff. … [Read More...]

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From the Edge – Tim Bryce


Dealing with Stress

There sure seems to be a lot of people walking around uptight and find it difficult to relax. BRYCE ON THE HUMAN CONDITION There are a lot of things that causes stress in our lives, such as finances, our family relationships, our work, medical conditions, driving, sex, competition, politics and … [Read More...]

100 Mason night

100 Master Masons Night

Dunedin Lodge No. 192 F.& A.M. is a Masonic craft lodge located in Dunedin, Florida, a town in the Tampa Bay area with a strong Scottish heritage.  Currently we have about 200 members of which approximately thirty attend a stated or called communications; forty on a good night.  Having been … [Read More...]


Boxes of Rules

Too many leads to a bureaucratic nightmare. BRYCE ON MANAGEMENT When I first started in the work force, I asked my boss about the scope of my responsibilities. He simply told me to go as far and hard as possible. If I started to wander out of bounds, he would reign me in. This worked remarkably … [Read More...]

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Videos Media

masonic working tools, freemason tool box, american craftsman ship

Tools for Building Things Eternal in the Heavens

I was cleaning up some past posts on the site and happened onto one from 2009 about the 10 Year Anniversary of Phoenix Masonry.  In the post was a mention of Brother Henry O. Studley's tool box, which prompted me to do a quick search for it online. Wikipedia says of the chest that... When … [Read More...]

Genesis of Freemasonry by Dr David Harrison

The History of Freemasonry with David Harrison

Historian Dr David Harrison constructs the hidden history of Freemasonry through a mixture of mediaeval guild societies, alchemy and necromancy. From his book The Genesis of Freemasonry, this video comes from On the Level in which Andrew Selwyn -Crome interviews Historian Dr David Harrison. In … [Read More...]

Brent Morris

A Timeline of High-Degree Masonry

From WEOFM Dr. S. Brent Morris, PM gives a video lecture from the WEOFM (Worldwide Exemplification of Freemasonry) series. I have a lot of respect for Br. Morris and think you will appreciate this presentation. Originally published on the WEOFM website on December 31, 2011. An interesting … [Read More...]

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Most Talked About

Georgia Flag

My Brother’s Keeper – Open Racism in Georgia Freemasonry

Now Cain said to his brother Abel, "Let's go out to the field." And while they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him. Then the LORD said to Cain, "Where is your brother Abel?" "I don't know," he replied. "Am I my brother's keeper?" The LORD said, "What have you … [Read More...]

Florida Masonic Scandal

The Other Half Of The Florida Masonic Scandal Tells All

The Beehive presents an interview with Duke Bass Fortesque. This is being presented as opinions of Fortesque and The Beehive, not as fact. Names of the Lodge and any other Florida Masons have been deliberately omitted. Freemason Information welcomes a rebuttal from either the Master of the Lodge or … [Read More...]

co masonry, mixed masonry, women, secret societies

Is CoMasonry the Antidote – Part 2

By: Carlos Antonio Martinez, Jr. Read  - Is CoMasonry the Antidote part 1 Read  - Is CoMasonry the Antidote part 3 SPECULATIVE ERA 1.  Alleged "Official Birth" in England: Symbolic or "Speculative Masonry" began to gradually develop during the XVI and XVII in Europe, particularly - … [Read More...]

Georgia Masonic Black Ball

Georgia Black Mainstream Mason Is Black Balled Again For The Second Time In His Masonic Journey

Sometimes lightening strikes twice – to the same spot. When it does you know that either God is in control or the fix is in. In the case of Gate City Lodge #2, Atlanta, Georgia it is definitely the latter. You might remember the articles The Beehive published in 2009 -   My Brother’s Keeper, Open … [Read More...]


Mainstream Grand Master Of Florida Expels Wiccans And Others

The Grand Master of Florida's decision number 3 can be found on the Grand Lodge of Florida website.  The text of the document appears, as transcribed, below. The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida Jorge L. Aladro Grand Master  Contact info omitted November 28, … [Read More...]

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